12 Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Fast

12 Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Today, here we are going to be pumping our guns to lose arm fat fast. Yes, we are we’re going to be working our shoulders, biceps, and triceps to lose arm fat. It will take just 15 minutes daily but believe me it works and your arm will be fatless within two weeks.

Lose Arm Fat Fast

Standing V Raise (20 Times)

Standing V Raise Exercise

Grab 3 pounds of weights and let’s get going start off with working our shoulders. So, I want your hands on your weight your thumbs are going to be facing forwards. We’re just getting the lift out to the side okay into a V. So, our shoulders are going to be level with our arms. So just straight out and have 20 of these now give me a slight bend in your knee as well so we’re not over flexing. Our legs and just get comfortable squeeze those ABS as well be nice and central in the core. It is just starting to Lose Arm Fat. You can test out what you need to use you don’t want to go too heavy okay keep that back nice and straight as well.

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Shoulder Press (20 Times)

Shoulder Press Exercise

Now go take those shoulders, stay with working out our shoulders. We’re going to have our arms out of here like bend again in the need and we’re just going to push up fifteen okay now most of these exercises we’re going to do 20 reps. Keep that back nice and straight pull that tummy in and just bring your arms up and down to Lose Arm Fat.

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Kickbacks (20 Times)


I’m going to stick with my three pound weights we’re going to be working our triceps here okay so just want you to come down your weights are going to be where your hips are and we’re just going to extend back out okay we’re going to do both arms at the same time so 20 of these you’re holding your weights like you did when you did that first V okay so same thing thumbs facing forward and extend back nice lower bend in the knees this time okay come on keep it going that’s it feel those triceps working. Just focus on to Lose Arm Fat. You could always use tin cans of food you can either just even if you got like sandbags you can make those they’re really easy and cheap to make just hold those in your hands.

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Triceps Extension (20 Times)

Triceps Extension Excercise

Just grab 10-pound weights or whatever you suit, if you’ve got something heavy at home you’re going to need this I’m going to hold the weight like this above my head and I’m just going to drop the weight down on my head okay so we can have 20 of these as you can see it’s not a massive movement I’m just moving the weight behind my head I want to keep my back nice and straight again.

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In & Out Curls (20 Times)

In & Out Curls

Pick up my three-pound weights. Hold those weights with our thumbs facing forward. Bring it up and then turn your pumps out and take it out to the side so we’ve got 20 bees and this counts as one. Now nice little bend in those knees again get yourself comfortable. Make sure do all 20 of these to Lose Arm Fat fast. Bring it out to the side now follow with those thumbs bring it out oh can you throw those biceps working.

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Inside Curls (20 Times/Each Side)

Inside Curls

Still going to be working those bicep muscles and I just want your palms facing each other. Do slight bend in that knee again and bring that weight up to the chest. Do 10 on each side now before that exercise you’re already your muscles are already burning can it already see them pumping. So, let Howard take a look at your bicep. Keep your elbow quite close to your waist just keep checking your technique. It squeezes and loses Arm Fat that tummy to when it keeps center keep our core strength tight and squeeze use that bicep muscle up.

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Reverse Fly (15 Times)

Reverse Fly Excercise

Again, pick up both your weights. Now working out our shoulders straightening your mat if you need to maybe come down we’re going to do 15 reverse flyes. The way down chest out you’re wringing those weights out get nice and low. If you can hold that chest up and just bring it up out to the side now. You’ve got to be careful that we don’t use the momentum of our arms to bring ourselves up so. If the weights are getting too heavy just drop them down and just do the same motion with your arms. You’re going to get nice and toned and sexy for summer with Lose Arm Fat.

Havyk Raises (20 Times)

Havyk Raises Exercise

Still going to need two weights still working out those shoulders. Come up so one arm is going to go right in front of you. The other is to the sides are going to make right angles. You’ve got 20 keep it going that’s it really concentrates thinking about using your arm muscles. To bring you up not the momentum just thinks you’re going to have like super sexy arm muscles super sexy back. Summer and this exercise aren’t just for girls lots of you saying those work hours. You might just need to use more of a weight or you can just keep trying out different variations of weight see where you guys fit and sink.

Dips (15 Times)

Dips Excercise

Go back to working our triceps, do dips so bring yourself up to put those arms underneath your shoulders. Do 15 up and down making sure that booty doesn’t touch the ground. That’s it really as you get to the top make sure those arms are straight sit down as low as you can go. Make sure you breathe in working those triceps muscles excellent job keeps up the good work. Do triceps push-ups and shoulders.

Pushups (15 Times)

Pushups Exercise

Next one still working those triceps. Do push-ups but keep your hands close to you so not a wide push-up. Be working your triceps so up and down you can either go onto your toes or come on to your knees. Don’t go straight on to your knees you just need to come in front of it. Don’t want to be leaning on those kneecaps that are it and make sure you keep those elbows close to your waist.

Reverse Curls (15 Times)

Reverse Curls Excercise

Jump back up again and as you do come up bring your weights. Because you’re going to be working your biceps for the last time. So, arms a fun looking buns palms will be facing toward. Well, you don’t need to bring it all the way up just say that you make a right angle with your arm and your forearm. Can you see your muscles pumping can you see them working?

Curl Holds (10 Times)

Curl Holds Excercise

Your last exercise when you just go five of these but will you do it nice and slow so your palms facing forwards. Come up all the way and really super slowly. Going to come all the way down okay so again you can really see those biceps working very motivational. When you can see your muscles bulging out of your shirt come on keep it going nice and slow. Keep it going nice and slow don’t go too quickly.

Here you go, keep the focus on your daily exercise to maintain yourself.


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