10 Things what Do Women Want from Men in a Relationship

10 Things what Do Women Want from Men in a Relationship

When it comes to nurturing a relationship, the parties involved should learn to give and take. What do you think women want from men if we manage to figure this out then we are bound to have a good relationship with our significant other? What is more pleasing than to have a romantic relationship with the woman that you desire unfortunately most men are clueless when it comes to getting what the woman wants.

Women are beautiful, if you are able to give what your girlfriend wants in a relationship then you will be able to keep her for a very long time. If you know what a woman wants in a relationship then you will be ahead of the competition. Make yourself stand out in the crowd of suitors by making a little research in the little tweaking in your approach.

What Do Women Want from Men in a Relationship?

Knowing a woman’s desire and wants this part of attracting and seducing women. Give some value to the relationship by giving a woman what she wants in a relationship here is the list of things that a woman wants in a relationship.

1. Your Undivided Attention

Not all women are attention whores but there need to be attended should be satisfied spend some time with your girlfriend. Send her the message that she is the apple of your eye find some time for her despite your hectic schedule. have you ever experienced being neglected by the people to treasure? It does not feel good is it make your woman feel good by giving her some of your valuable time.

2. Look Presentable

Some men are getting too comfortable with girls. They often forget to take a bath and to put on some clean clothes. Well, I encouraged you to be comfortable with women but not too comfortable be the best version of yourself. Encourage the girl to show you off to her family and friends by grooming yourself. This will provide you with sufficient social proof that could allow you to get intimate with her without any objection.

3. Find some Time to Listen

In attracting and seducing women learning to listen is a crucial skill. It gives you the opportunity to know a woman’s wants and desires. Listening is important in communication this is because you need to speak to listen when you are conveying your message. When you and the girl have an understanding planning for an intimate moment together will be much easier.

4. Readiness for Seduction

Women have some needs and they’re in the mood to be seduced make her feel sexy with your flirty looks and sensual touch. Drive her crazy with the deep strokes that she longed for being ready to take your connection with her to a whole new level. Arouse her senses with your seduction techniques.

5. Remember important Dates

Can you still remember your girlfriend’s birthday? How about your anniversary remembering these important dates could bring a smile to her face? While forgetting these significant events could mean going through the ordeal of her cold treatment. It is unbearable if you ask me to make your lover smile by acting accordingly in these important dates. If you have a blurry memory then you can record the significant events in your planner.

6. Responsibilities

Are you task oriented can you get things done at the appointed time? If your answer is yes then you are responsible. Making things happen in the relationship is fulfilling while irresponsibility could often lead to frustrations and fights. Being responsible is a desirable quality that every man should possess. In order to ensure a long-lasting relationship with a significant other. Take up some responsibilities because it is not only good for you but also for the people around you.

7. Commitments

A girl wants to know if you can persist in a relationship even though the times get tough. Will you continue to be with her when she is experiencing some difficulties? Are you only with her for the fun your loyalty to her can help her overcome the struggles that she is facing. If you manage to stay with her through thick and thin then it could mean that you love her. It is advisable to show your affection to her in this manner because actions speak louder than words.

8. Security

Women want to make sure that their partner can protect them from harm when the situation calls for it. When we talk about security it could also mean financial security. this means that they need someone who can provide them with their needs. This is one of the things that a woman wants in a relationship. If you manage to make her feel safe then you are in for a treat.

9. Partner in Crime and Punishment

It is not good for anyone to be alone. we need some company in our times of joy sorrow and pain. Let the girl enjoy your companionship with your humorous wits and your seductive looks. You and your girlfriend can have a romantic trip together so that you can try something new for a change. Make your girl try something new like a bad boy does.

10. Take the Lead and be the Alpha Man

Thanks to the feminist movement women nowadays are experiencing a surge of empowerment with their newfound freedom. However, they are still unable to resist the charms of an alpha male. Take the lead and let her imagination run wild. Take her hand as you go on this fantastic journey called life.

Now you know what the women want in a relationship. What are you waiting for go and make a girl feel special by giving her some value that most men are not able to give? Be able to take the lead from your competition and dating.

A good relationship is bound to last for a very long time. When the parties involved get what they have bargained for. These are the things that women want in a relationship but are unable to openly demand. Would it be great if you can give it to her?


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