5 Things Women Don’t Realize About Men

5 Things Women Don’t Realize About Men

The humans are divided into two species, Men, and Women. They are totally different from each other. The most misunderstanding and frustration are usually happening due to these differences. How accurate this difference, this quite represents “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars”.

Here we go, check 5 things Women don’t realize about men below, as well as share your opinion about it.

Shining Faces

It’s no secret that women tediously spend an average of 55 minutes every day applying makeup because they feel makeup is an absolute necessity to attract attention from men. With all the advertising that the cosmetic industry throws out there. It’s no wonder women feel it’s necessary to clown it up when it comes to wearing and makeup.

Often you see these images of supermodels with ridiculous amounts of makeup. Making them look like something unworldly unnatural and freakishly frightening. Women, for the most part, seem to buy into this garbage that the more makeup they buy and use the more attractive they’ll be to the men they encounter.

The truth is ladies the cosmetic industry has no interest in how successful you may be it turning the heads of all the men to pacify. Their one and only goal are to sell more makeup to make a massive profit off your insecurities. Chances are you’ve been subliminally brainwashed by their advertising into thinking that you must wear tons of makeup to look good because there’s no such thing as natural beauty.

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The truth is ladies that men hate it when women cake on their makeup they hate it when you look like something out of a horror or stirrer flick and truth. Be told all the heads that turn your direction when you’re overly made up is a horror or disbelief at your ridiculous face. You may even get a guy or two to snap a photo of you but it’s not because you’re this raving beauty and he wants to capture this angel that’s crossed its path.

Oh no, it’s because he’s going to share your hideous face with all his buddies for a good laugh. Men to prefer women who look more natural. Women with a natural and healthy glow about them are twenty times more likely to get that head turn from men as opposed to those taking makeup tips from Mimi. The outlandish and freakishly made-up character from the 90s hit comedy The Drew Carey Show. And if you’re too young to know who Mimi is google it it’s worth educating yourself on what not to do with your makeup.

So ladies wipe all that crap off your face and you’ll start getting the attention from men. That you’ve been looking for. And for God’s sake if you’re one of those chicks running around with the orange face. Have a friend help you pick out the right color foundation because you look like an Oompa Loompa and no man wants to be seen in public with one of those let alone as one out on a date.

Men Cry Too

A common belief that women have about men is that they’re insensitive that they have no emotion or feelings. While men do try to hide their emotions more so than women they do have feelings and often cry when the mood strikes. Men have been conditioned for centuries to be tough and hard as a rock. often when they’re children men are taught to be tough and bottle up their emotions or hold back the tears. While they’ve learned to be tough in the face of friends family and girlfriends or wives. Men often do release their emotions in private in fear of seeming weak in the face of others.

But men are just as likely to become overwhelmed by their emotions as women. The only difference is that it’s socially acceptable for a woman to cry in public without fear of constant teasing or ridiculed by their friends. Movies seem to play into the stereotype how often do we see the action hero taking a moment to cry and mourn the loss of his wife or lover before he wreaks havoc on the villain who’s taking her away from him.

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Not too often as well this simply doesn’t make a good action flick right we want to see his bloody rage-filled revenge. As he seeks out his own justice now that’s a great action flick. but it does leave society with the common misconception. That this is how men are wired to react in the face of emotional turmoil. But ladies it’s important to know that your guy does have feelings and emotions. The movies are motivated to make blockbuster films the profit massive amounts of money and seeing Jason Statham or Dwayne the rock Johnson taken a moment to cry before they kick some serious ass.

Doesn’t make for an epic action film. So when your guy does show his emotions. Just let him be as he’s probably beating himself up too for letting his emotions. Get the better off. don’t make fun of them and give them its space. Let them know that you’re there if he needs you and doesn’t push yourself on it as this may very well push him. Away from you he’ll come around and open up to you when he’s ready.

Men Love to Make You Laugh

One common complaint that women have about men is that they don’t take life seriously. Maybe you feel he doesn’t take your relationship seriously and he’s always joking around. It drives you absolutely insane when you come home after a tough day at work and all you want to do is vent your frustrations to your guy and he starts in with the jokes. Often this puts you in an even worse mood because you feel it doesn’t care and isn’t taking you or your relationship seriously.

But ladies it’s not his fault most men are wired to find the comical in tough situations. This is how they often deal with stress and they’re only trying to make you laugh. Men love to make women laugh. they’ll fit in a joke at the most inopportune moments in an effort to break through the tension. Men will even make ridiculous faces just to get a laugh at it. This is their way of helping you deal with the tougher stressful situation.

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think back to when you were a kid and a boy would relentlessly tease you or bug the hell out of you just to get your attention. Well, truth be told men never really grew out of this mindset. They have this instinctual desire to make you laugh and truth be told men often find it to be attractive or sexy even woman laughs at their jokes. so, if you guys always telling jokes or making funny faces he’s showing you that he does care.

He cares enough to make you feel better the only way he knows how by making you laugh. So next time your man starts dishing out the humor laugh. Laughing at his jokes validate it makes him feel like you do care about him too. Men are self-conscious too just like women and when you don’t care enough about him to laugh at his jokes. You may begin to feel like you don’t care about them at all. Which can lead to a whirlwind of relationship issues?

Men Are Simply Simple

It’s no secret that women are complex creatures. Women even have a hard time understanding other women at times. But men, on the other hand, are much simpler which explains the communication breakdown between the sexes. Women have this instinct that tells them there’s more to a particular comment gesture or body language. While men accept comments and body language at face value. Airlines don’t dive deeper in search of hidden meanings. It’s often extremely difficult for a woman to wrap her head around this concept.

A woman can’t help but assume that there’s always more going on. A great example is a man named Dave whose comical story sums up the simplistic mind of men. And how a woman can try to read too much into a man’s behavior. Assuming the worst when the reality is far from her overanalyzed view on the situation. John and his then-fiancée Roby were driving home the night of their engagement party. The whole ride home John was quiet Roby was trying to have a conversation with him but his answers were very short and he provided little conversation all the way home. Roby instantly knew something was wrong and of course was thinking the worst.

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Roby asks John what was wrong and he simply replied to nothing, she thinks that he doesn’t love me and doesn’t want to marry me. Roby just knew he was lying and there was something serious going on. Days went by and John was still very silent and offered up a little conversation. After three days of this Roby was certain that they’d was no longer in love with her and that their relationship was over. Finally having enough Roby confronted John in the garage where he was the lawnmower.

What’s going on why don’t you love me anymore is there another woman am I not attractive enough. What’s the deal I have a right to at least to know if our relationship is over? John was completely surprised and blindsided by this outburst from his beautiful bride-to-be. John now completely rattled shocked and nervous. Simply commented what no no no my dear I’ve been trying to figure out why my lawnmower won’t work. After offering up this explanation Roby calmed down and realized the huge mistake she’d made and was embarrassed for acting so crazy.

So ladies keep in mind that men are much simpler and often the reason behind their behavior is often a simple one. And over-analyzing a man is going to lead to false accusations unnecessary stress and even relationship problems. Knowing and accepting that men are simply simple will save a lot of frustration in the end.

Men Like Girly Things Too

Men are simply testosterone driven creatures, most women believe that. That only appreciate fast cars violence packed action movies and hardcore music. But men do have a softer side and do actually have interests that may seem girly in nature. It’s no secret that men are moving lovers and they love their action thrillers and sci-fi fantasy movies. But men do love a good romantic comedy as much as the gal. This trend is becoming so popular in fact that there’s a new classification of a movie called the romantic comedy.

Movies like just go with it are adding that bit of male-targeted humor to appeal to the growing interest by men in these genres of movies. Adding this type of comedy to the romantic comedy. Makes it much more interesting for men and they actually want to go see these movies with their girlfriends. Now that there’s content that appeals to them as well. Also on this list of girly things that men love is a day at the spa. It’s a common misconception that spas are heavens for just women.

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The industry has picked up on the trend of men wanting spa services like massages facials manicures and more. And it started to create services geared specifically toward men. Spas are offering products that have a manlier scent.

Man spa services are becoming so popular in fact that men now make up more than 40 percent of the spa industry’s clientele. In fact, men-only spas are quickly becoming a new trend in the industry. Offering up pints of beer and big-screen TVs showing sporting events like football. Some have even conceptualized the concept of combining a strip club with the man. Spa gave a whole new meaning to the industry-wide joke of offering a happy ending.

And there you have five things women don’t realize about men.


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